Spine Experts in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Spine Solutions: Our Doctors are Leaders, Innovators and Teachers

San Francisco Lab  11-13-2014
Minimally-Invasive is Best Alternative to Open Surgery – Our Techniques avoid Damage to the Muscles and Gentle on the Surrounding Tissues.

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  • As one of the state’s most experienced Neurosurgery and Orthopoedic

    spine expert teams in minimally invasive spine surgery, our doctors

    utilize the most advanced techniques and offer the least invasive

    surgical option for the patient.  Incisions less than an inch and same day

    discharge are commonplace with our Doctors.

    We teach other surgeons, consult for companies on new and upcoming spine

    technologies, and invent medical devices(12 patents) now used throughout the


    Specific areas of experience include:

    • Cervical & Lumbar disk replacement
    • Complex Thoracic MIS Decompressions
    • Complex Thoraco-Lumbar MIS Decompressions
    • Portal and Endoscopic Decompressions
    • Minimally Invasive Lateral Fusion XLIF
    • Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion(Neck)
    • Muscle sparing anterior lumbar fusions